Tribute To Ruth Litoff


This artwork of Ruth Litoff hung just outside my office when I worked for a hedge fund on Park Avenue.   I often admired it and spent hours contemplating each frame; the boy in the water jumping like a dancer, the young married couple, the mother with the child following.  And it was from this location, with this picture overlooking me that I made some of the major decisions of my life which eventually lead me to France and my new life as an artist.   

After watching the documentary "32 Pills", I was left feeling maybe Ruth gave me a bit of an impulse in my direction.   That she was a presence as I was looking for my way.   That I was meant to have this brief contact with her to help give me some confirmation in my decision. 

And I would like to believe she is pulling for me now as I launch my new career.  And as such,  I would like to dedicate this pattern to her.

I attended her funeral and was made aware that she was from a Jewish family.  The pattern is based on the Star of David.  I was interested in this geometry and what patterns could be made with 3 dancers and the 2 triangles.  I think this will be a standard element when creating for 3 in the future.

Thank you Ruth.  May you be in a peaceful place and enjoying the beauty you brought into the world.