Flight Patterns

CONCEPT:  This is an idea we had for a natural museum exhibit. Visitors could step onto a pedestal robot and be moved like the birds on the video wall.

MUSIC:  “Aruarian Dance” by Nujabes

ALGORITHM:  Leader using point and click path method. Followers maintaining relative position to leader honoring speed limits and conflicts.

Jackson Pollock

CONCEPT:  Here we tried to emulate the movement of the splashes that Jackson Pollock performed while making this painting.   We envision a museum work with a simulation of a Jackson Pollock painting on the floor while wheelchairs, robots and humans perform the patterns.   The audience could get the best view from a balcony.

MUSIC:  "Black Beauty - Duke Ellington".    Duke Ellington was a favorite of Jackson Pollock.   We cannot confirm historically that Mr. Pollack was listening to this song while make this painting, but it is possible.

ALGORITHM:  Random Stage Places,  Randomly choosing the degrees of arc in the path, the distance and clockwise direction.   Exits every 4 phrases.

TRACK SIZES:  Varying in dimension and size, approximations of wheelchairs, small robots and robotic platforms. 

Minimalist Acceleration

CONCEPT:  While coding all the intricacies of acceleration into the system, we became focused on the variations an object can use to move from Point A to Point B and still honor the time (beats) and the distance to maintain formations.   This work is a simple exploration of those variations.

MUSIC:    Shakuhachi  - Kohachiro Miyata

CREATION METHOD:  Point and Place Paths

ACCELERATION PARAMETERS:  Best fit non-uniform acceleration with target speeds between 4.82kph/3mph and 25kph/15.5mph randomly applied to tracks on each breathe of the flute