The relationship between music and mathematics has been documented for a long time. Displacement art also has a strong relationship with mathematics.   At Latona, we have created tools for mapping music and creating relations between the patterns and the beats and accents.   Acceleration and velocity can be mapped to changes in pitch, for example.   Displacement can match the tempo as it is and as it changes.   Complexity and layers in music can be represented in the layers and relations of the objects.   Maybe it is this shared relation to mathematics that make displacement art and music a good pairing.

With a deeper relation to music on the displacement level, we still have the appendages for further expression.   Moving inanimate objects do not feel anything.  What will there be to express beyond how a body is being displaced to the music?   The emotion and joy of the ride?   How will this emotion and joy make you want to move?   How will this change the dance?   The exploration of these ideas is the real ride.