Nature as Inspiration


At Latona, we modeled our algorithms from nature.   Flocks of birds, schools of fish, orbiting planets have all been big influence on our process.   Here is a proof concept of a museum exhibit we created. We imagine the track representations being realized as movement pedestals the visitors can stand upon and be moved.  


But nature was just the starting point.   Nature as we see on planet earth is not the only possibility.    Modeling earthly nature and then playing with the possibilities reveals something more fundamental.   Who knows what life will look like on other planets.  With this kind of experimentation, we can see the other possibilities. 

As an example, with the algorithm for emulating a flock of birds, we create a programmatic structure that represents a region in space that the birds fly within.   Flocking birds are, by definition, a group flying in close range.   This region has a shape and the region itself has displacement that the birds fly within.  We can adjust the characteristics of the region to best emulate what we see in the sky.  And we can adjust to explore things creatively.    Maybe the region can be in a donut shape for example and can be displaced like a pinball in a machine.