A New Category of AI ;-)

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic now.  New startups and incubators or forming on this subject.   Emmanuel Macron has declared a funding project of €1.5 billion ($1.85 billion) for AI.   And I think many startups will stretch to get themselves categorize as AI.   And, I am no different!  I don’t want to be left out of any potential funding so let me try to make my case.   You can tell me if I pass the grade.

In fact, I would not say Latona is AI.   It is broader than this.   It is a category of AI.   In a nutshell, I developed technology to choreograph displacement patterns.   Since displacement is universal to all moving objects, the applications of this technology are broad and there are limitless spin-offs.

For example, one potential spin-off is with personal transporters.   People get a message on their mobiles “There will be a flash mob at X location in 20 Minutes…..”.   The pattern and location are transferred to the device, a central server organizes the group, everyone meets at the location and the dance begins!    This is very doable.

This is all made possible because moving devices are becoming increasingly precise in their positioning and movements.   My technology models the physics of these devices and has algorithms to generate interesting patterns.   I am a choreographer of autonomous vehicles.

But let’s talk about some other examples, one that is the focus of Latona, the implementation of patterns on wheelchairs and working with the handicapped.   Since autonomous vehicle technology can implement patterns better than humans, the handicapped represent the best outlet for this form of dance.  Wheelchairs can move precisely in the displacement patterns while the upper body is potentially free to move also in non-mechanical choreography.   In short, the handicapped will be able to dance better in some ways than any walking person could.  

But it doesn’t stop there.  There are opportunities in toy making, fitness, amusement park rides.  We are on the forefront of a new wave in dance and our use of technology.   If you are looking for opportunities, I recommend you take a look this category of "AI".   The door is wide open and there is plenty of room inside.  And yes, there is commercial potential.

Oh yeah, and I guess I should finally make my case for Latona being “AI”.   The process has been designed in a way where you don’t point and click to create patterns.  Instead, you enter parameters into algorithms, several possibilities are generated and you choose the pattern you like.   Eventually, we started to understand our criteria and we organized the algorithms in a way where they were making these decisions for us.   Does that sound like “AI” to you?    If not, don’t tell any of funders ok? 😉