Much research and project management needs to be conducted to access the feasibility and promote the development of wheelchairs for use in Latona patterns.

We need to travel and meet with manufactures of wheelchairs who are incorporating self driving vehicle technology.  And work with designers and engineers for prototyping the ideal chair for this purpose.  

We need a manufacture to work with us to create a set of accurate specifications that can be entered into the Latona system.   And we need a laboratory for testing the modeling.  

We need to conduct surveys and market research to access the level of interest with impaired persons.   How will they like being moved passively for example?   What is possible given the level of impairment?  Are they interested in creating choreography?  This is first and foremost an artistic project.

We need to find rehearsal and performance spaces that could accommodate wheelchairs with flooring that is compatible with the tires of the chair.

We need to model the device properly with the Latona software given each agents unique movement characteristics.

We need to create a training system,  a ballet class for the upper body,  Latona patterns that require movements. 


For the artistic vision.....

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